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Good health is central to coping with stress and leading more active lives. All the articles of good health here explain what kind of health a person should consider, and how to preserve good health.

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Yoga Fitness

Be a part of FITZABOUT yoga fitnesss for body and mind of yoga routine. Become a healthy version of yourself with yoga.

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FITZABOUT yoga fitness involves improving strength and endurance of muscles by stretching muscles and joints and practicing steady posture.

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Nutrition and diet

In nutrition and diet contains essential nutritional information required for health: dietary guidelines; Dietary Reference Intakes. Nutrition involves more than eating a balance diet – it’s about nutrition at every level.

If you feel overwhelmed by all the conflicting nutrition and dietary advice, then you are not alone.

FITZABOUT provides you all tips and guide about food and beverages with the necessary energy and nutrients to improve health, manage disease and reduce risk.

Know about balanced diet and daily calorie intake, because it is important, your organs and tissues require proper nutrition to function effectively. Without good nutrition, your body is at risk of illness, infection, fatigue and poor performance.

Here is some examples of daily calorie intake are based on the United States Department of Agriculture (USDA) Trusted Source Guidelines:

2-8 years
(male or female children)
9-13 years
9-13 years
14-30 years
(active women)
14-30 years
(sedentary women)
14-30 years
(active men)
14-30 years
(sedentary men)
30 years and above
(active men or women)
30 years and above
(sedentary men or women)

However, a person’s specific daily calorie intake can vary depending on their age, gender, and level of physical activity.